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Made in India

Made in India

All Our Modular Kitchen Cabinets and Shutters are made in Our Industrial Unit in New Delhi, India. We are committed to the concept of 'Make in India' and religiously practise it. We are Manufacturing Modular Kitchens for over 200 kitchen vendors across the nation.
Apart from that We strive to make your Modular kitchens as yummy as your food preparation. Design Indian Kitchen Groups are leading Modular Kitchen Manufacturers & Suppliers across New Delhi-NCR & North India territory. We have an elite team of Interior Designers, Product Specialists, and Project Managers to make your Kitchen 'A Masterpiece'. We have ethical commitments using high quality products and a dedicated team of installers. We use special Imported Fittings and Fixtures( From Austria, Italy & Germany ) which have lifetime warranty of usage along with using Waterproof/Termite-proof Modular Wooden Cabinets and Shutters for a Long Lasting and Durable Product. Find out more...

Design Indian Kitchen - India's Top Modular Kitchen Company

The Design Indian Kitchen company is a more than a decade old company, we were into production of kitchen materials since a decade and initiated into the retail kitchen segment when we felt that average customer was not getting the justified quality & support, and was moving towards low-quality products due to overly-priced kitchen quotes by many dealers and sub-standard material implementation even by renowned brands. People generally required our services as we provided them the three basic necessities which they found missing in the prevalent markets, namely; 'quality', 'affordability' & 'reliability.

With the Grace of Almighty, We today stand as the most Trusted Brand in the Modular Kitchen industry with producing and supplying over 2000 Kitchens per year. We are the 'Largest Modular Kitchen Brand in India' having largest number of satisfied kitchen and wardrobe customers.
We accept selected work and are most trusted Kitchen agency in Delhi- NCR and India. With Kitchen/Wardrobe Customers across Delhi - India and increasing, we have re-initiated our exports to neighbouring countries. With dedicated and devoted Team members, Our Motive is to make your kitchen as Tasty and Delicious as your Food.
Your Support and Love has made us India's Top Modular Kitchen Agency and we strive to keep up the momentum, with about 2000 successful Modular Kitchen Projects across New Delhi, NCR and India - We Trust our Instincts..

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